Utility Bills

Utility bills are sent out monthly, the last week of each month. They may be paid without penalty by the 20th day of the month. Payments are accepted at the Government Center between 8:00 and 4:30. A payment drop box is also located at the Village Government Center in front of the LED sign for check payments. Please do not put cash payments in the drop box.

After the 20th of the month, bills will be considered delinquent and a 10% late penalty will be charged. Customers that have past due balances two months in arrears will be subject to shutoff. Services shut off due to past due balances will be subject to an $80.00 reconnection fee. All charges including the $80.00 reconnection fee must be paid to the utility clerk prior to the service being restored. There will be no exceptions to the above unless granted by the Village Administrator. Any disputes on utility bills must be brought to the Village Administrators attention before the bill becomes delinquent.

Property Owners

Property owners are always liable for utility bills. Renters wishing to sign up for utilities my do so but a $100.00 deposit will be required at the village office. If an account goes unpaid and becomes subject to turn-off, the Village utility department is not required, but will attempt, to place a notification door hanger at the service address before the shutoff occurs. Delivery of a shutoff notice door hanger will cause a $10.00 charge to be added to the utility account.

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