Seal and Logo



Covington Seal

The Village of Covington has utilized logos or markers for the Village for many years, but had not formally adopted a logo and seal until 2022.  The Village adopted the Seal under Resolution R13-22, which formally put the seal and logo into place for the Village.

The seal, which is a simplified version of the 2010 logo that was used by the Village for the last 12 years, keeps the bridge, church, and elevator elements, and utilizes a similar color palette as the previous image.  The 2010 image was created by R. Christopher Haines as part of the 175th Celebration in the Village and the elements were chosen to represent some of the most well known features in the Village.   



The Village also adopted a formal logo for all materials. The new Village brand logo is intended to bring simplicity with a clear message. The Village is the only “Village of Covington” with other locations being cities. This is an advantage related to Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) when the brand or search terms are used digitally.

The logo still conveys is message clearly when shown in black and white or as white on a dark background. The logo also continues to pop when the red base line is able to be utilized on dark backgrounds.
The logo also works as transparent on images or more complex scenarios.

Covington Primary Logo

Secondary Covington Logo