Covington Historical District


Proposed Boundary Map (PC Review - 11.28.2022)


Planning Commission Meeting (11.28.2022 at 7PM)


The Village of Covington has a downtown historical district that was established by Ordinance. The district was established to preserve the Village core, which traditionally has been the main retail and commercial center of the Village as well as a dense residential neighborhood.  The district boundaries start at Spring Street and continue to just north of Wright Street along High Street, Main Street, and Pearl Street. 

Permitted Paint Colors

In 2012 additional regulations were put in place under Ordinance 11-12 which required all buildings within the downtown historic district get Council approval, which were defined within the Sherwin-Williams "America's Heritage" exterior historic color palate.  


Downtown Redevelopment District

In 2022 the Village codified the DRD district boundaries with the State of Ohio, which allowed for additional funding to be put in place to help develop, redevelop, and rehabilitate the downtown core. For more information on the DRD, please go to the Downtown Redevelopment District page.

Zoning Requirements / Uses

The Zoning of the Historical District is "CB" Central Business.  This district permits a multitude of uses within the same building or on the same parcel.  The “CB” District serves as the focal point for the social and commercial activities of the Village. The integration of business, institutional, public, quasi-public, cultural, residential, and other related uses is permitted and encouraged. Use for this district are intended to promote social interaction and should be of a scale and character that is consistent with the small-town ambiance of the Village. 

Permitted uses within this area are specifically listed within the Zoning Ordinance, but generally the categories are "Food, Drink, Entertainment", "Office, Service, Financial, Healthcare", "Institutional", "Residential / Housing", and "Retail".

Additional Resources

  • Zoning Map
  • Central Business Zoning Regulations

For more information on the Covington Historic District, please contact the Village Administrator at 937-473-3420.