Rental Registration Program


The Village of Covington is currently having public discussions on a potential rental registration program.  NO DECISION HAS BEEN MADE ON THIS POTENTIAL PROGRAM. Please note that just because the Village is having discussions does not mean it will be implemented.  Troy, Piqua, West Milton, and Tipp City are also having discussions on this topic.  The reason the Village is putting this information out, it to allow those who have opinions on it to voice those opinions.  If you feel that such a program would not benefit the community, please explain why and come to a public meeting to discuss it further.

There are many questions though about what a program does for the Village and how it may impact rental properties within the Village.  Please see below for some frequently asked questions.  

The Village will be discussing the potential program at the next Council meeting on August 15th as well, and all interested parties are asked to come to the meeting to ask specific questions.

  • Why a Rental Registration Program?
    • The Village recognizes the need to preserve and promote the quality of existing housing and to provide for safe and sanitary housing conditions for residential tenants.
    • The quality of rental units is directly related to the quality of life for many residents.  Rental units (just like owner occupied homes) that are not taken care of become safety issues for tenant, eye-sores for neighbors, and issues for the village when they become run-down.  
    • The Village, along with other cities and villages in Miami County, is working to further that objective by requiring all owners of rental dwellings in the village to obtain a license annually for each rental dwelling unit which confirms that the property meets all property maintenance and safety requirements of the village.
  • What is a Rental Registration Program?
    • The program would require rental property owners to complete an application for a rental license for each rental unit within the village.
    • This application will include at a minimum the property owner name, address and telephone number along with a floor plan of the property. The application will also include additional questions related to the conformance of the subject property to the requirements of the program and the village property maintenance code, including the construction, condition, and appearance of the dwelling unit.
  • What is involved in the inspection?
    • Interior and exterior inspections of the property to ensure compliance with all local, state, and federal laws.
    • Inspections shall occur once every three (3) years unless notices and order to comply have been issued to the owner or any violations have been noted.  This number is still under consideration.
  • How long is a license good for?  What is the cost?
    • A rental license shall be valid for one year.
    • The license will expire if the unit transferred tenants and the owner will be required to apply for a new rental license.  No fee will be charged for the transfer of occupancy if occurring within 180 days of the previous approval.
    • Application fees will be set.  No number is confirmed yet.  The general concept is between $50-100 annually, and these funds will be used to cover the costs of the inspections, licensing, abatement and property improvements throughout the village and costs incurred by the village in reviewing applications. 
    • Please note, these costs will not make the Village money beyond funding the program.  The costs are intended to defray the cost of the program, not create any additional revenue streams for the Village.
  • What happens if I don't follow the rules or pay the fee?
    • An owner or occupant who rents or seeks to rent any dwelling unit without a valid rental license shall be guilty of a first-degree misdemeanor.  Each day of such violation shall be considered a separate violation.
    • If an owner refuses to voluntarily consent to the required inspection seven days after being requested by the village, the village may seek an administrative search warrant for the premises in order to complete the inspection.
    • A process for appeal of a decision will be made through the Board of Zoning Appeals.